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'The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale' live round-by-round results

Live round-by-round results of "The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale" from the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.


1. Rob Kimmons def. Rob Yundt via submission (guillotine) - R1 (3:52)
2. Dean Lister def. Jeremy Horn via submission (guillotine) - R1 (3:58)
3. Matt Brown def. Matt Arroyo via TKO (strikes) - R2 (3:30)
4. Drew McFederies def. Marvin Eastman via TKO (strikes) - R1 (1:08)
5. Dustin Hazelett def. Josh Burkman via submission (armbar) - R2 (4:46)
6. Matt Riddle def. Dante Rivera via unanimous decision
7. Spencer Fisher def. Jeremy Stephens via unanimous decision
8. Diego Sanchez def. Luigi Fioravanti via TKO (strikes) - R3 (4:07)
9. Amir Sadollah def. C.B. Dollaway via submission (armbar) - R1 (3:02)
10. Kendall Grove def. Evan Tanner via split decision


Middleweights: Matt Riddle vs. Dante Rivera

R1: Rivera lands a leg kick and throws a cross that leads them to clinch. Rivera uses his knees and grabs ahold of Riddle's neck. Riddle pulls his neck out and presses Rivera against the cage. Riddle attacks with knees to Rivera's leg. Referee Herb Dean breaks them with 2:29 left, when Rivera's mouth piece falls out. Rivera moves forward with punches and they are back in the clinch trading knees to the legs. They separate with Rivera connecting on a knee to the head. It doesn't faze Riddle and they are back in the clinch. Riddle trips Rivera down. Riddle stands up and the round ends.

R2: They each throw an overhand that brings them to the clinch. This time Riddle gets the takedown immediately. Riddle stands up while Rivera fights off his back. Riddle allows Rivera to stand up and they go straight to the clinch. They trade punches and then separate. Rivera presses forward only to end up in the clinch again. Riddle attempts foot stomps. They separate with 1:37 left. Rivera throws and overhand but Riddle puts him down. Riddle sits in mount and ground and pounds. Riddle switches to an armbar, but Rivera easily escapes. Riddle is in Rivera's closed guard. Rivera lands elbows. Riddle locks up a triangle and looks for an armbar. Rivera survives.

R3: Rivera hits a kick to the body. They clinch against the cage. They momentarily battle with knees. Riddle drops for the double leg and gets the takedown. Riddle works off his back with the rubberguard. Riddle advances to halfguard. Riddle drops an elbow. They stand back up. Rivera attacks with another kick to the body and clinches with Riddle. Riddle puts Rivera down. Rivera briefly gives the rubberguard another shot. Dean stands them up with just under a minute to go. Riddle grabs a leg. Riddle takes Rivera's back and secures full mount.

Riddle wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Lightweights: Spencer Fisher vs. Jeremy Stephens

R1: Stephens misses a kick and nearly slips down. They clinch. Stephens takes Fisher down but Fisher stands back up. Fisher answers back by taking Stephens right down. Fisher tries to put together punches while Stephens works to put himself in a position for a submission attempt. Stephen almost locks up a triangle, but gives up side control. Fisher falls to halfguard but effectively works in strikes. Stephens puts Fisher to full guard. Fisher passes back to halfguard, and this happens again. Fisher takes full mount and then Stephens' back. Stephens escapes and is back to full guard with a minute left in the round. They each attack with punches and elbow until the remainder of the round.

R2: They miss punches and end up in clinch. Stephens lands a combo and separates. Fisher connects on punches. Stephens tries a spinning backfist. They clinch. Fisher takes Stephens down. Fisher ground and pounds from side mount and briefly full mount. Stephens puts Fisher into full guard. Fisher moves to halfguard and continues with elbows and punches. Fisher stands up and punches his way to side control. Stephens gets back on his feet and puts Fisher down to end the round.

R3: Stephens tries a high kick and then a punch combo. Fisher answers with body kick and his punch combo. Stephens aggressively tries a variety of punches. Stephens mixes in a knee to the body. Fisher works leg kicks and presses with his punches. Fisher shoots. Stephens catches Fisher in a guillotine, but Fisher ends up in side control. Fisher goes to full mount. Stephens puts Fisher into full guard and then stands up. Fisher tries to toss Stephens, but Stephens winds up on top. Stephens drops elbows, but Fisher defends. Stephens gives Fisher space to get up. Stephens sinks in a guillotine. Stephens is giving it all he has to try to finish, but the bell sounds.

Fisher wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Welterweights: Diego Sanchez vs. Luigi Fioravanti

R1: They circle. Fioravanti engages with punches but Sanchez leaves unscathed. Sanchez connects with a headkick. Sanchez shoots for the single but Fioravanti stuffs it. Fioravanti lands a three-punch combo. Sanchez responds by connecting with his series of punches. Sanchez throws a headkick and rushes for a takedown. Fioravanti rolls Sanchez off. Sanchez lands an uppercut. Sanchez shoots but doesn't get it. Instead, Fioravanti drops Sanchez down with a double-leg.

R2: Sanchez drops Fioravanti with a right punch. Sanchez works for a kimura in Fioravanti's halfguard. Sanchez takes full mount. Fioravanti puts Sanchez back to half and then kicks Sanchez off. Back to their feet with a little over three minutes left in the round. Sanchez misses a high kick. Sanchez grabs Fioravanti's back. Sanchez thinks about hopping on top. Fioravanti escapes by attempting a kimura. Fioravanti lands a leg kick. They swing punches. Sanchez fires away and stumbles Fioravanti with an uppercut. Fioravanti connects on a punch too but Sanchez isn't hurt. Sanchez chases Fioravanti down to finish. Fioravanti weathers the punches and they are back up. Fioravanti swings away but Sanchez blocks the punches.

R3: Fioravanti glances a left hook. Sanchez throws another high kick. Fioravanti misses a leg kick. Sanchez throws a punch combo. Sanchez taps Fioravanti with a leg kick. Fioravanti fires a kick to the body and eats punches. Sanchez shoots and Fioravanti stuffs it. They trade punches and clinch. Sanchez shoots again and Fioravanti sprawls. Fioravanti's high kick is blocked. Sanchez throws right hooks. Sanchez fires punches and shoots. Sanchez lands with control of Fioravanti's back. Fioravanti escapes. Fioravanti throws a series of punches. Sanchez stuns Fioravanti with a left kick to the head followed by a flying knee! Sanchez storms on top of his opponent and stops him with lefts and rights.

Sanchez wins via TKO - R3 (4:07)

Middleweights: Amir Sadollah vs. C.B. Dollaway

R1: Dollaway connects on a leg kick. Sadollah lands a front kick. He attempts another. Dollaway hits a leg kick and gets a high kick blocked. Dollaway takes Sadollah down. Dollaway advances to side control. Sadollah turns to his knees. Dollaway is back inside Sadollah's guard. Dollaway punches and gets caught in an armbar -- just like on the show. Dollaway postures up but is forced to tap. Dollaway complains that he didn't tap, but although he only tapped once, it was obvious he submitted.

Sadollah wins via submission - R1 (3:02)

Middleweights: Evan Tanner vs. Kendall Grove

R1: Grove comes out jabbing. Tanner clinches with Grove. Tanner takes Grove down with a body lock. Tanner lands in side control, but Grove is able to get back up. They clinch and Grove connects on a knee and an elbow. Tanner is cut. They clinch again and Grove connects with a quick elbow. Tanner grabs a leg, but Grove flies a knee at Tanner! Tanner works hard for the takedown and gets it. Grove tries a triangle choke but Tanner escapes. Grove knocks Tanner down and works to take his back. Tanner escapes to his feet. Grove fights off his back and Tanner enters Grove's guard. The first round ends with Grove standing up while Tanner holds Grove's back.

R2: They immediately engage with Grove getting the best of the short exchanges. Grove uses his reach advantage with jabs. Tanner throws an overhand and clinches. Tanner works for a takedown. Tanner holds onto the knee and Grove fires the jumping knee again. Tanner finally finishes the takedown. Grove uses a kimura to stand up. Tanner drops down for a takedown but Grove defends. Grove hurts Tanner with a knee and continues to rock Tanner with elbows. They separate with 1:16 left in the round. Grove throws another knee and they clinch. Grove hits with an elbow and Tanner responds with an elbow and separates. Grove throws a high kick and connects with jabs.

R3: Grove throws a body kick and lands jabs. Tanner presses Grove against the cage. Grove hits with elbows in the clinch. Tanner attacks with leg kicks and hits with rights. Tanner battles back in clinch. They hit each other with a knee. Tanner connects with punches but Grove has been able to slow Tanner. Grove shoots a knee at the sound of the bell.

Grove wins via split decision (28-29, 30-26, 30-26)

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