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Tito Ortiz Is Glad Jenna Jameson Retired: 'I Couldn't Date a Chick Who Did Porn'

Former UFC star Tito Ortiz is out with a new book, and in promoting it he had an interesting interview with Steve Cofield of ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas:

When asked if he liked having an ex-porn star, Jenna Jameson, for a girlfriend, Ortiz explained that the fact that Jameson is no longer in the porn business is important to him.

"I like ex-porn star," he said. "She got out of it. That's why I'm with her, is she got out of the business. I couldn't date a chick who did porn."

But he added that he has nothing personally against pornography: "I love watching porn, I can't say I'm not a watcher because I'm a watcher before I dated her, I can't say I'm not. I'm an average guy."

Ortiz also said he expects to fight again, but that his contract with UFC prevents him from negotiating for a new deal until late July. Part two of the interview is below.

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