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UFC's Dana White: Anderson Silva Wants 6 Fights a Year

UFC President Dana White appears in this ESPN-produced video to talk up his middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, who will be moving up to light heavyweight to fight James Irvin on July 19:

"This guy wants to fight six pounds a year," White said. "He's basically cleaned out the 185-pound division and he's always looking to challenge himself, so he wanted to move up to 205 to test the waters there. I'm not going to tell him no. It's never been a better time to be a mixed martial arts fan right now -- you can turn on Spike TV on July 19 and for free see the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world make his first move up to 205 pounds."

It's interesting that White insists that giving the fans Silva for free is a good thing, but a lot of MMA fans seem to be turned off by the move. Is it really good for fans, or just bad for Affliction?

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