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Forrest Griffin: I Never KO'd Kimbo Slice

A couple of months ago we noted the rumor that Forrest Griffin, who will fight for the UFC light heavyweight championship next month, had knocked out Kimbo Slice during a sparring session.

Dan Le Batard had Griffin on his radio show today, and Griffin put those rumors to rest:
"I never knocked Kimbo out. Let's just get that clear. Kimbo's not the kind of guy you want to have angry at you. I like the guy so I'd assume not piss him off and have him try to beat me up."
Griffin also said that he thinks highly of Kimbo because he sees a little of himself in Kimbo.

"He didn't go the conventional route -- but you're talking to a guy who also didn't go the conventional route," Griffin said to Le Batard. "He wants to learn the sport. He likes the sport, he wants to do it, he wants to be a professional fighter."

Aside from the Kimbo stuff, the interview was interesting mostly because Griffin gave a lot of testy answers. When LeBatard asked him if he likes pain, Griffin answered, "That's a silly question. No. I like ice cream, I don't like pain."

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