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Dana White's Big Announcement: Co-Owner Lorenzo Fertitta Makes UFC His Main Job

Mixed martial arts fans who were on edge about the "mind-blowing" announcement UFC President Dana White has promised are going to be extremely disappointed now that the announcement has been revealed.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo is reporting that the announcement is that Lorenzo Fertitta is going to make UFC his full-time job, quitting his post as president of Station Casinos.

Mind-blowing, huh?

Fertitta and his brother, Frank Fertitta III, each own 45% of UFC, with White owning the remaining 10%. All the announcement means is that the Fertitta brothers have decided that Lorenzo should play a bigger part in the day-to-day management of one of their big investments, while Frank should play a bigger part in the other.

From the standpoint of White and UFC's employees a change at the top is a big deal. But the average UFC fan will greet this news with a shrug.

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