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UFC Undercutting Affliction? Spike Could Show Wanderlei Silva vs. Brandon Vera

Last week I noted that UFC could put a serious hurt on the upstart Affliction mixed martial arts promotion by putting a show on Spike on July 19, the same night that Affliction has its first pay-per-view.

I suggested that Brock Lesnar would be a good headliner for such a card, but that is apparently not going to happen: UFC says it's committed to keeping Lesnar on the UFC 87 card in his hometown of Minneapolis.

However, there are more indications that UFC is, in fact, getting ready to put a show on Spike July 19. Sherdog is reporting that UFC has tentatively scheduled a show on Spike in Las Vegas, with Wanderlei Silva taking on Brandon Vera in the main event.

For UFC, it makes perfect business sense to take on Affliction in this manner. Affliction is going to have an awfully hard time selling Fedor Emelianenko for 50 bucks when UFC is offering Silva for free.

UPDATE: Report: Wanderlei Silva Turns Down July 19 Spike Show; Will UFC Still Take on Affliction?

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