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EliteXC Will Return to CBS on July 26 for Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith Rematch

EliteXC has announced that the Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith rematch will be the main event when it returns to CBS on July 26.

By scheduling another MMA show less than two months after its first one, CBS is making clear that it was pleased with the ratings that MMA delivered -- even if many MMA fans thought EliteXC's show was less than impressive.

Antonio Silva, who is widely regarded as the best heavyweight under contract to EliteXC, is also expected to fight in the July show, perhaps for the vacant EliteXC heavyweight title. Putting two fighters not named Kimbo Slice in the cage for the heavyweight belt would be the right move for EliteXC -- a gesture that would demonstrate that their organization is about more than just an unskilled fighter with a big name.

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