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EliteXC: Nick Diaz Weighs In 9 Pounds Over

Nick Diaz showed up a ridiculous nine pounds overweight at yesterday's weigh in for tonight's EliteXC fight against Muhsin Corbbrey, making it the third straight weekend that a fighter in a high-profile mixed martial arts event has failed to make weight.

Diaz weighed in at 169 for the 160-pound fight. Corbbrey also missed weight, at 164, but that was because he had been told in advance that there was no reason for him to dehydrate on weigh-in day because Diaz wasn't even close to making weight anyway. They're now calling it a 168-pound catchweight fight, and giving Diaz the standard one-pound buffer. Corbbrey's manager John Blanken explains why Corbbrey agreed to fight anyway:
"We need to take this fight. This fight makes my guy's career. We need to fight him and beat him, so that's what happens."
Two weeks ago Gina Carano missed weight for EliteXC's CBS show, and last week Thiago Alves missed weight for his UFC 85 main event against Matt Hughes. They and their defenders always have excuses, and none of those excuses matter. When you agree to take a fight at a certain weight, it's your responsibility to get to that weight, and fighters who don't give the sport a black eye.

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