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'The Ultimate Fighter 7' Episode 11 Recap

It's getting down to wire with only four fighters remaining in contention for the six-figure contract with the UFC. The semifinal match ups announced last week pitted CB Dollaway (6-0) against Amir Sadollah (0-0) and Tim Credeur (10-2) will take on Jesse Taylor (6-2).

Credeur vs. Taylor got their battle out of the way this episode but not before the traditional coach's challenge between Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin. This season's contest was shooting hoops (aka H-O-R-S-E) at the Palms in a suite with a basketball court (half). The winning coach would receive the usual $10,000 brick of cash plus $1,000 for each fighter on their team.

Now, white men might not be able to jump, but Forrest knew how to shoot even though it had been a few years. As luck would have it Coach Griffin played basketball in high school and Coach Rampage, well? didn't. You can guess how this challenge turned out!

Dana decided to give Rampage a chance to double the bonus money for the fighters. All he had to do was sink a three-point shot in the first attempt, which is exactly what the light-heavyweight champion did. Unfortunately, his game went downhill from there but Forrest was just getting started. The team brown leader was smooth in his delivery of basket after basket after? well, you get the idea. He finished the game with a beautiful one-handed dunk that was just as impressive as his season one finale performance and victory over Stephan Bonner. Rampage didn't make that shot, either. "That's OK," shared the current champ. "He's still gonna have to see me inside the Octagon in July."

The first semifinal matchup between Credeur and Taylor was an interesting one because not only were they roommates, they were good friends. The bout would pit the classic wrestler (Taylor) against a seasoned jiu-jitsu player, the latter of which had considered giving up MMA because there was no money in it, but the support of his loving wife convinced Credeur to forge ahead with his dream.

Taylor shared a tender moment with viewers as the teary-eyed father of a three-year-old son professed his undying love for the toddler as well as his fear he would miss his son learning how to ride a bike and conquer other milestones while Dad was away for six weeks trying to be a fighter. Really? OK.

After getting a dollar sign carved in his hairline at the nape of his neck, Taylor shifted to his later-ego "JT Money." The real Big John McCarthy is probably watching this season of TUF with a dropped jaw as he prays for writers to stop associating JT Money with BJM! I wonder if BJM also gets sauced and urinates in his shorts only to laugh as it runs down his legs onto the carpet. The real McCarthy has got to be completely mortified.

Speaking of getting sauced, that's exactly what the guys did next. One might think that a fighter facing the most important match of his life would take it easy and rest before the big day, but not Jesse Taylor. That kid knocked back shot after shot after shot until his speech was so slurred that? now get this, his opponent, also facing the most important fight of his life, cuts his foe off from more booze and begins to help sober up his buddy. I have a feeling Tim Credeur is an amazing person in his everyday life and JT is fortunate to have such a good friend by his side, no matter what.

I was curious how hung over Taylor would be in the gym the next day as well as how drained he would be when he stepped inside the Octagon to face Credeur. He wasn't fazed at all? not at all. Taylor should have been on season one with Chris Leben because it would have made for some great TV seeing these two tie one on before urinating in inappropriate places.

This brings us to fight day and the semifinal matches are three rounds instead of two. Both fighters touch gloves and what followed for the next fifteen minutes was Credeur on his back with Taylor in his guard trying to pound out a victory from the dominant top position. Breaking down each round would be a three-peat of the movie Groundhog Day so I'll spare you the repetition. Taylor eventually got the win via unanimous decision and secured himself a spot on the live finale show where he will fight the winner of Sadollah vs. Dollaway for the six-figure contract with the UFC.

Next week will feature the remaining semifinal matchup as well as more drama involving an unnamed fighter. Spike TV aired a brief segment of episode twelve revealing Dana White and both coaches reviewing footage of what appears to be a window being kicked out of a limo from the inside and the comment that "he's out of the finals and the UFC." Another interesting twist to an unpredictable season. See you next week!

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