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Overeem: Cro Cop dodged me two times

Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem already knows who he wants to face should he defeat Tae Hyun Lee at DREAM 4 on June 15.

"Mirko [Cro Cop] has been offered to fight me twice, and he has dodged me both times," Overeem told "That's why I will get on the house microphone and issue him a challenge in the middle of the ring after I have finished the big Korean."

The two were longtime fighters with the PRIDE, but never met inside the promotion's ring.

In a blog responding to Overeem's comments, Cro Cop denies ever being offered the fight:

"It seems to me that some people should mind their own business," Cro Cop wrote. "I've never been offered to fight Alistair Overeem. Why would I decline this offer? I came to DREAM to fight the best and I'm looking forward to see DREAM signing more top level heavyweights."

A showdown between Overeem and Cro Cop may have to wait. Cro Cop, who recently withdrew from a grappling bout against Ralek Gracie due to injuries, is supposed to take on Jerome LeBanner at DREAM 5 on July 21.

Although both fighters still have at least one fight to take care of, Cro Cop said he'd "accept it with pleasure" if DREAM officially offers Overeem to him.

"I fought the best fighters in the world already," Cro Cop continued. "I don't see why I should have seconds thoughts about fighting Alistair Overeem? On my way back up I need to fight top level competition and I believe that DREAM is perfectly able to put up a strong heavyweight match-up soon. So it's up to DREAM, let's bring it up."

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