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Tito Ortiz Says He Could Fight Kimbo Slice, Takes Another Swipe at Dana White

Tito Ortiz hasn't decided when and where he'll fight again, but in this video he says he's done with UFC, and he hints that he could sign with EliteXC and fight Kimbo Slice:

"Dana White has made the biggest mistake of his career," Ortiz said of the UFC president. "He let one of the greatest fighters in UFC history get away, and it's because he had a lot of personal vendetta against me."

As for his next move, Ortiz said, "Fighting at heavyweight is a possibility for me. People want to see me fight Kimbo. He has a lot to learn, but he's going out and learning those things. He's learning the jiu jitsu. He's learning the wrestling. He's learning the things to be a well-rounded fighter."

I'm sure Ortiz vs. Kimbo would get great ratings on CBS or a great buy rate on pay-per-view, but I'm not sure that EliteXC wants to do it because I think Ortiz would destroy Kimbo. Ortiz isn't a great fighter, but he has far more skill than Kimbo, who has a long way to go before he'll really be a well-rounded fighter. EliteXC doesn't want its meal ticket exposed.

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