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Georges St-Pierre on UFC 87: 'I Think I'm Overall a Better Fighter Than Jon Fitch'

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is working on his jiu-jitsu in Brazil while he gets ready to fight Jon Fitch at UFC 87 in August, and he stopped for an interview on a Brazilian beach:

(Via Bloody Elbow)

Said St-Pierre on his thoughts about his opponent, "I think Jon Fitch is a very good fighter. I think I'm overall a better fighter than he is, and I'm going to have to come well prepared, otherwise it's going to be a bad night for me. But I think I'm pretty confident."

I think that's exactly right: Fitch is a good fighter, as evidenced by his 8-0 record in UFC. But St-Pierre is overall a better fighter, and if he fights the way he's capable of fighting, he's not going to lose to Fitch.

St-Pierre also had some interesting things to say about visiting Brazil, about how he's always working on ways to develop as a complete mixed martial arts fighter, about the Thiago Alves-Matt Hughes fight, and about how he thinks he'll fight Alves soon.

As for his preparation, St-Pierre says he hasn't started training specifically for Fitch: "It would not be smart of me to discuss my strategy," St-Pierre said of how he'll fight Fitch, "and it's too soon to determine it."

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