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White denies Mayweather, TV deal, WWE rumors

The UFC's big announcement is still a well-kept secret.

While promoting the UFC's new action figure deal with Jakks Pacific on CNBC's "Powerlunch" Tuesday afternoon, UFC President Dana White denied just about all the major rumors that have been floating around.

1. The UFC is not teaming with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who retired from boxing Friday saying that it has "been extremely difficult for [him] to find the desire and joy to continue in the sport."

2. The UFC has not signed a deal with any network (ESPN, FOX, ABC).

3. The UFC is not going public.

4. And finally, news which will probably be a huge relief for many, the UFC has not sold a stake of the company to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Rumors started to surface when the WWE alerted the public of a special news conference -- set coincidentally for Thursday -- at the Hard Rock in New York City.

White revealed in an interview last week with ESPN The Magazine that an announcement will be made this Thursday that is "going to blow people's minds." White hyped up the announcement by calling the deal "an indicator of where this business is going over the next five years."

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