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UFC Announces Action Figure Deal

On its official web site, UFC reported yesterday that Dana White and Brock Lesnar would appear on CNBC "to announce an exciting new UFC deal." That got UFC fans and bloggers in a tizzy, wondering what the big news might be.

As it turns out, there's nothing particularly exciting about the new UFC deal: All White announced on CNBC is that UFC and the toy maker Jakks are teaming up to create UFC action figures. Thrilling!

Making things even worse, the CNBC anchor breathlessly referred to White's appearance as an "exclusive," when in reality there was nothing exclusive about it: Jakks had already issued a press release announcing the deal.

Still, the CNBC appearance wasn't a complete waste of time, as White did knock down some of the rumors that have been floating around lately regarding the big announcement White said UFC will make on Thursday. White said that the announcement has nothing to do with signing Floyd Mayweather, creating a partnership with WWE, putting UFC shows on network TV or taking UFC public.

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