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UFC 85: Bedlam live round-by-round results

Live play-by-play of UFC 85: Bedlam from the O2 Arena in London, England.

1. Antoni Hardonk def. Eddie Sanchez via KO (punch) - R1 (4:15)
2. Paul Taylor def. Jess Liaudin via split decision
3. Luiz Cane def. Jason Lambert via TKO (strikes) - R1 (2:07)
4. Kevin Burns def. Roan Carneiro via submission (triangle choke) - R2 (2:53)
5. Matt Wiman def. Thiago Tavares via KO (punches) - R2 (1:57)
6. Martin Kampmann def. Jorge Rivera via submission (choke) - R1 (2:44)
7. Fabricio Werdum def. Brandon Vera via TKO (strikes) - R1 (4:40)
8. Nate Marquardt def. Thales Leites via split decision
9. Mike Swick def. Marcus Davis via unanimous decision
10. Michael Bisping def.Jason Day via TKO (strikes) - R1 (3:42)
11. Thiago Alves def. Matt Hughes via TKO (strikes) - R2 (1:02) 7th Anniversary Giveaway!


Welterweights: Thiago Alves (174) vs. Matt Hughes (170)

R1: Hughes shoots and Alves avoids the takedown. Hughes shoots again and Alves stops it. Hughes doesn't want to give up the takedown but ends up pulling guard. Alves lands punches and stands up. Hughes scores a takedown into Alves' halfguard. Alves brings the fight to his butterfly guard. Hughes reverts to halfguard. Alves stands up with Hughes hanging onto one leg. Alves escapes. Hughes immediately shoots. Hughes ends up falling into guard. Aves connects on ground and pound punches.

R2: Hughes shoots and eats a knee. Hughes pulls guard. They are back up. Hughes shoots right away. Alves throws a knee. Hughes is down. Alves pounces and referee Herb Dean stops the fight.

Alves apologizes to UFC management for not making weight and said he sprained his ankle days away from the weigh-ins. He asks Dana White for a title shot.

Hughes says he has at least one more fight left in him (against Matt Serra).

Alves wins via TKO - R2 (1:02)

Middleweights: Jason Day (184) vs. Michael Bisping (184)

R1: Day tags Bisping with several light leg kicks. Bisping scores the takedown with 3:24 left. Bisping effectively ground and pounds Day. Bisping passes to side control. Day rolls out. Bisping hits Day with knees as soon as he gets up. Bisping immediately takes Day down. Bisping advances to full mount. Bisping controls Day's back while landing left punches. Day has no answer but to cover up. The fight is stopped.

Bisping wins via TKO - R1 (3:42)

Middleweights: Thales Leites (185) vs. Nate Marquardt (185)

R1: They circle. Leites glances Marquardt with a superman punch. Marquardt chases Leites with a punch combo. They exchange punches. Leites drops Marquardt with a right. Leites has full mount. Marquardt gets halfguard. Leites advances to side control with a little over two minutes left in the round. Marquadt escapes back to his feet. Marquardt scores with a punch to the body. Marquardt presses Leites against the cage. They separate. Marquardt hits a leg kick. Leites touches Marquardt with a spinning back kick. Marquadt stuns Leites with an uppercut. Marquardt lands a leg kick before the end of round one.

R2: Leites presses forward with punches. They clinch. They separate. Marquardt takes Leites down. Marquardt hits Leites with a left knee, but it's illegal since Leites still had one leg grounded. They fight is paused. The doctor checks on Leites and says Leites is fine. Marquardt gets a point taken away. They resume with 3:50 left in the round. Marquard scores immediately with a takedown. Marquardt works ground and pound strikes. Leites is bleeding from his nose. Marquardt connects with elbows. Leites tries upkicks, but it's not effective. Marquardt drops down into Leites' guard with a punch. Mardquardt attacks with hammerfists and punches. The referee stands up the fight and there is just under 30 seconds left. Marquardt goes for the takedown but its Leites who lands in full mount.

R3: Marquardt punches Leites in the body and then an uppecut. Leites throws a flying knee but is taken down. Leites attempts a triangle choke but Marquardt escapes. According to referee Herb Dean, Marquardt hits Leites with a punch to the back of the head. Since Marquardt received a warning in the first round, Dean deducted Marquardt another point. Marquardt needs to finish in order to win. Marquardt scores an easy takedown. Leites looks for a kimura. Marquardt lands punches. Leites throws elbows at Marquardt's head. Leites moves for the kimura, but doesn't get it. Leites holds one leg and gets back to his feet. Marquardt with a piledriver! Luckily, Leites is fine and the fight is over.

Marquardt won the last two rounds, but let's see how the judges score it considering the two point deductions.

28-27 for Leites, 28-27 for Marquardt, and 28-27 for Leites. Leites is overjoyed.

Marquardt disagrees with the second point deduction. The video replay shows that the punch was to the side of the head, not the back.

Leites wins via split decision

Welterweights: Mike Swick (170) vs. Marcus Davis (170)

R1: Swick swings high kicks that are missed or blocked. Davis presses Swick against the cage. Davis momentarily gets the takedown. Swick brings the fight to the ground with Davis holding on to a guillotine. Swick almost passes to side mount. Swick passes to halfguard. Swick throws punches but Davis defends well. Davis closes his guard. Swick continues with punches until the end of the round.

R2: Davis lands a left. Swick attacks with repeated leg kicks. Swick moves into Davis's guard. Swick advances to Davis' halfguard. Davis works punches to Swick's body. Swick passes to side control. Swick tries for the full mount but falls back into halfguard. Davis wants the kimura. Davis finally lets go and they are back up. They clinch and Davis punches Swick in the body. Davis throws uppercuts in the clinch. Swick answers with knees to the body. Davis is back with the uppercuts and trips Swick down. Swick almost locks in a triangle choke. They stand up, but Swick takes Davis right back down.

R3: Swick connects with a knee. They clinch and separate. Davis throws overhands. Swick hits Davis with a knee. Davis moves Swick against the cage. They separate. Davis tries uppercuts. They separate and clinch. Swick tries the Muay Thai knees. Davis attempts a takedown but can't finish it. The referee deducts Swick a point for holding the fence. Swick scores the takedown. There is 1:25 left in the fight. Davis is bloodied up. Swick works ground and pound strikes. Swick swings wildly on the top of Davis in the closing seconds.

Even with the one point deducted, Swick takes 29-27 on all the cards.

Swick wins via unanimous decision.

Heavyweights: Fabricio Werdum (247) vs. Brandon Vera (228)

1: Vera lands a leg kick. They clinch. Vera hits Werdum with knees to the thigh. They separate and then resume the clinch. Werdum throws punches and they separate. They are back in the clinch and they hit each other with knees to the thigh. Werdum drops for the takedown and gets it. Vera closes his guard. Vera kicks Werdum off and they are on their feet. Werdum grabs a leg to attempt a takedown but Vera defends it. Vera hurts Werdum with a left punch. Vera presses Werdum against the cage. The referee separates them. They clinch. Werdum takes Vera down. Werdum passes to halfguard, and then to full mount, where unleashes strikes with 30 seconds left. Vera blocks most of the punches but referee Dan Miragliotta stops the fight.

Vera argues it, saying he could have lasted the rest of the round.

Werdum wins via TKO - R1 (4:40)

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