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'The Ultimate Fighter 7' Episode 10 Recap

This week's episode kicked off with a replay of the round two submission victory by Amir Sadollah (0-0) over Matt Brown (9-6) in the biggest upset of the season so far. Kudos to Brown for behaving like a true sportsman in defeat, especially to a fighter who has yet to make his pro debut.

On the heels of Matt Brown's class, we pick up with this weeks action with Jeremy May, the most hated cast member this season for reasons that would take more time to recap than I am willing to bother with, trying to take center stage once again. May was eliminated from competition in episode six at the hands of Brown? or left foot, I should say. Brown caught May with a kick to the face that sent him crashing to the mat in a stunning fashion that will surely make its way to a highlight reel at some point.

Since Brown lost to a 0-0 fighter, May felt that he should get a rematch in the finale show because he was certain he saw a few holes in Brown's game and wouldn't lose to him a second time. In my opinion, May was simply doing all that he could, just as several former TUF kids before him had done, to be remembered by viewers if for nothing more than his antics. As the episode progressed, it left no doubt in my mind that I am, well? psychic!

Matt Brown didn't seem to get a rise out of May's efforts but Jesse Taylor did after hearing about his latest antics. May happened to walk into the room while Taylor was expressing himself and didn't like the terms of endearment flowing from the Big John McCarthy lookalike's mouth. An awkward moment for both and while May had nothing to say at the moment, I had no doubt he would come up with something before the hour was over.

Not long did it take for May to prove me right? again. He revealed his plot to Gerald Harris to verbally engage with Taylor to the point that Taylor would respond physically so he would get kicked off of the show. Considering Taylor had advanced in the competition and May had not, he really had nothing to lose except a few teeth perhaps.

Later in the evening, after the fighters all seemed to be quite sauced of course, May approached Taylor and went in for the kill. Long story short, May didn't matter enough to Taylor to get caught up in the "you're a bitch" exchange and when such conventional methods proved to be a complete failure, May had to step it up a notch. By that, I mean May dug deep and hurled out, "You Jewish bitch!" Bingo, he found the right button to push that sent Taylor into a fit of rage that ended with attempting to kick May but he was restrained by some of the others who felt stomping May wasn't worth being sent home for.

May's plot failed royally and he definitely came off looking more pathetic than he had previously. Blaming the booze and claiming not to realize Taylor was part Jewish when he made the comment, May apologized and tried to get Taylor to pound fists with him to mark the end of the conflict. While not wanting to bother with May at all, Taylor did manage to respond with one fist even though he didn't get to put it where he wanted to. Perhaps their paths will cross again and Taylor will have the opportunity.

With the drama over it was fight time. In the third quarterfinal match of the season Dan Cramer (3-0) was matched against Tim Credeur (10-2). Cramer is the tat-less wonder of the group whose good looks have not gone unnoticed by anyone. By defeating Dan, Tim comments, "I think I'm going to bring tears to the eyes of 16-year-old girls nationwide." We'll see.

Round 1: In a fight many Cramer fans assumed would remain standing, he managed to get the takedown twice and Credeur's striking was better than expected. In the final clinch, Credeur was taken down but a reversal found him in full mount. Cramer managed to escape with no damage and the two found themselves against the cage. When Cramer made his move to stand up, Credeur grabbed his leg and secured a heel hook leaving Cramer with no option but to submit before his foot snapped with two minutes remaining in the opening round.

Dana White also surprised the fighters this season with a trip to the local go-kart track because being cooped up with the same 16 guys for an extended period of time will drive anyone up the wall. Unfortunately, it was after they all returned home from the track that items started to be driven through the wall, like chairs and railings. I will never understand why grown men who want to be respected as professional athletes pull stunts like this or why Zuffa allows it to happen. From the looks on their faces before, during and after the destruction, it is clear there are no rules prohibiting it and with each passing season I am beginning to believe someone is encouraging it for the sake of ratings. It is still retarded, in my opinion.

In the fourth quarterfinal match of the season CB Dollaway (6-0) took on Cale Yarbrough (0-0). I can't help but to mention Matt Brown saying, "Call me" to the ring-card girl as she passed carrying the round one sign. Everyone in my house thought it was funny so we had to back it up to make sure Matt was spitting game and? indeed, he was! You GO, boy!

Round 1: The fighters meet about midway in the Octagon and just as the action begins, Spike TV (at least in the Lansing, Michigan area) cut away to commercials. By the time the action resumed, CB Dollaway had mounted Yarbrough and was raining down blows that caused the lesser experienced fighter to roll over and imitate a turtle. Unable to effectively defend himself or better his position, referee Herb Dean put a stop to the onslaught near the end of the first round.

Following the fight, Coach Forrest was irritated with Dollaway's arrogance once again. Perhaps the fact Yarbrough is a personal friend of Forrest's has a lot to do with his feelings but he is certainly not alone. Jesse Taylor obviously shared the coach's point of view and since he has to fight someone in the semifinals, what the hell? he said he would take on CB.

Dana White showed up at the gym the following day to meet with the coaches and figure out the next two matches. Forrest was present but Rampage is nowhere to be found. According to Dana, he wasn't answering his phone, either. The two proceed without him and Forrest seems certain he will get the match ups he wants which would be Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway and Amir Sadollah vs. Tim Credeur. The meeting ended with Dana showing Forrest the match ups he wanted to see on paper therefore it was a dead giveaway that Taylor would not be facing Dollaway.

Just as Dana and Forrest walked out to meet with the fighters Rampage makes his appearance and explains that he overslept after watching some late night TV. Semifinal matches were announced and will be CB Dollaway (6-0) vs. Amir Sadollah (0-0) and Tim Credeur (10-2) vs. Jesse Taylor (6-2). I imagine, given the way these four fighters look on paper, Amir vs. a seasoned veteran like Tim (who has twelve times the number of pro fights on his record) would seem ridiculous. Even though Taylor wanted to fight Dollaway and their records were similar the announced match ups made more sense. Should both win their semifinal fights they will meet inside the Octagon to battle it out for the contract so Taylor will get the chance to kick CB's ass then.

Next weeks teaser revealed the coaches challenge will go down and this season it is a game of H-O-R-S-E. Barring another commercial interruption, viewers will be treated to a couple of good fights so be sure to tune in. See you then!

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