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MMA Live on EliteXC, WEC, UFC 85

Episode 4 of's MMA Live is another good one:

The crew started, of course, talking about the EliteXC show on CBS. Although analyst Kenny Florian did note that the quality of EliteXC's fighting was "sub-par," he bucked the UFC company line by saying, "Overall, I think it was a success. ... Any time we get more people watching mixed martial arts I think it's a good thing."

They then turned their attention to WEC 34, especially the great technical fight that Urijah Faber put together, and had Faber on as a guest. Faber said that he injured both hands against Jens Pulver, but that neither is broken and that he thinks they'll heal completely.

Matt Hughes then joined the show to promote his upcoming fight at UFC 85. Overall, yet another solid episode of MMA Live.

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