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Kimbo Slice to Fight Brett Rogers in October

After Kimbo Slice defeated James Thompson in the first mixed martial arts show in prime time network television history, fellow heavyweight Brett Rogers took the podium at the post-fight press conference and called Slice's performance "garbage" and "unacceptable."

If that was Rogers' attempt to hype himself up as the next opponent for Kimbo, it worked. Slice appeared on Dan Le Batard's radio show today and said he'll fight Rogers next, "probably in October."

"They called me out, and now they got the fight," Slice said of Rogers and his camp.

Slice acknowledged that his aura took a bit of a hit with the way he struggled to defeat Thompson, but he insisted, "I was in shape. I was ready. I was ready for a battle."

He'd better be ready for Rogers. Cousins of Ron Mexico calls it a dangerous fight for Kimbo, and I agree. In fact, right now I'd have to call Rogers the favorite.

Note: Neither Slice nor Rogers is the best heavyweight in EliteXC. That honor belongs to Antonio Silva. Hopefully, Silva will get to fight the winner of the Slice-Rogers fight.

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