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James Thompson Thinks He Got Screwed, but Kimbo Slice Didn't Tap in Round 1

A lot of people think James Thompson got screwed in his loss to Kimbo Slice Saturday night, and now Thompson himself is making clear that he agrees.

In an interview with Five Ounces of Pain, Thompson acknowledges that he was "rocked" by a combination from Kimbo in the third round, but he says he thinks referee Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight too quickly without giving Thompson a chance to recover. He also says he thinks Miragliotta was too quick to stand the fighters up when Thompson had Slice in side control in the second round, and that he thinks Miragliotta would have stopped the fight late in the second if Kimbo had been giving unanswered elbows to Thompson, rather than vice versa.

However, while some people have said that Kimbo tapped out when Thompson had him in a guillotine choke in the first round, Thompson says Kimbo didn't tap, and that he was shocked when he heard that some people were suggesting otherwise. So that portion of the conspiracy theory can now be put to bed once and for all.

Overall, Thompson is fairly reasonable in his assessment of the fight. I think that, all things considered, Miragliotta's refereeing gave Slice a bit of an advantage, but I don't think there was any fix, and Thompson never alleges that there is. Thompson does, however, say he wants a rematch, and I think he should get one.

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