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UFC 85: Matt Hughes Preps for Thiago Alves Like It's a Five-Round Title Fight

Here's a very good video previewing UFC 85, especially the Matt Hughes vs. Thiago Alves main event:

Hughes made an interesting point when he said, "I'm used to a five-round fight, and it's a three-round fight. I train the same."

Because he was either the welterweight champion or the challenger for the title for so long, most of Hughes' recent fights have been title fights, which are five rounds, rather than non-title fights, which are three rounds. Of his last 16 fights, Hughes was training for five rounds 13 times. And yet he says his approach is the same when the fight can only last three rounds.

I like the respect that the 24-year-old Alves shows for the 34-year-old Hughes in the video. There's a lot to like about Alves, and I'd love to see him become one of the sport's big stars, but I'm just not sure that he's ready to beat a guy of Hughes' skill just yet.

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