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Fighter salaries for WEC 34: Faber vs. Pulver

WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber was the top earner at Sunday's WEC 34: Faber versus Pulver from the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.
Faber earned a base pay of $22,000 and another $22,000 for his win bonus. Faber recorded a five-round unanimous decision over former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver, who took home $33,000 in his first loss as a featherweight.
Please note that these salaries were provided by the WEC to the California State Athletic Commission and do not represent other methods of income such as sponsorships, which can often times surpass an athlete's fight purse.

Winners were awarded a bonus equal to the fighter's show purse. For example, Pulver would have made $66,000 if he had defeated Faber.

(W) Urijah Faber - $44,000
(L) Jens Pulver - $33,000

(W) Miguel Torres - $28,000
(L) Yoshiro Maeda - $6,000

(W) Mark Munoz - $16,000
(L) Chuck Grigsby - $3,000

(W) Rob McCullough - $32,000
(L) Kenneth Alexander- $3,000

(W) Tim McKenzie - $12,000
(L) Jeremy Lang - $4,000

(W) Mike Brown - $10,000
(L) Jeff Curran - $10,000

(W) Donald Cerrone - $10,000
(L) Danny Castillo - $3,000

(W) Chase Beebe - $7,000
(L) Will Ribeiro - $6,000

(W) Dominic Cruz - $6,000
(L) Charlie Valencia - $7,000

(W) Alex Serdyukov - $6,000
(L) Luis Sapo - $3,000

(W) Jose Aldo - $6,000
(L) Alexandre Franca Nogueira $8,000

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