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Don't Forget John McCain's Other MMA Quote

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Practically every mainstream media article about mixed martial arts includes John McCain's famous phrase from the 1990s, referring to the sport as "human cockfighting."

The vast majority of those articles do not include this quote from a 2007 interview McCain conducted with NPR:

"They have cleaned up the sport to the point, at least in my view, where it is not human cockfighting any more. I think they've made significant progress. They haven't made me a fan, but they have made progress."

McCain hasn't explicitly stated whether that progress is enough that he would vow not to make any efforts to further regulate or ban the sport if he becomes president. And McCain has not publicly expressed an opinion about whether mixed martial arts is appropriate for network television. But since we're hearing that "human cockfighting" quote so often, it would be nice if we could hear more of the "they have made progress" quote as well.

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