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Chuck Liddell: I Know Tito Ortiz as Well as Anyone, He Only Cares About Himself

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are probably the two most popular fighters in the history of the UFC, and their fights against each other were two of the biggest fights in the history of the sport of mixed martial arts. But when they say they don't like each other, that's not just hype.

Last month Ortiz called Liddell a puppet, and now Liddell is firing back at Ortiz. He said this to Kevin Iole of Yahoo:
"I know Tito for a long time and I probably know him as well as anyone and I can guarantee you this: If Tito is doing something, he's not doing it for anyone else; he's doing it for himself," Liddell said. "Tito wants what he can get for himself. That's all he's worried about. He doesn't care about anyone else, as long as he gets his."
Ortiz is a big star in MMA, and now that he's done with UFC, it's clear that whoever signs him will get a lot of viewers for his fights. But it's also clear that the establishment within UFC is not sorry to see him go.

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