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Dana White Goes on ESPN to Rip EliteXC: 'What Happened on CBS Was Horrendous'

After EliteXC had its debut show on CBS, UFC President Dana White appeared on ESPN to put EliteXC into what White views as its proper context within the sport of mixed martial arts:

"Mixed martial arts didn't put its best foot forward," White said. "What happened on CBS was horrendous."

The appearance was set up as a debate between White and St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell, who hates MMA, but Burwell really didn't have much of an answer for why he thinks it's OK to show violent entertainment programs like 24, and show sports like football, but not show MMA.

The closest Burwell came was when he said of football, "The object of the game is not to kick somebody in the head." True enough, but then again, MMA never has a 200-pound man getting drilled simultaneously by two 300-pound men. I have a hard time understanding how anyone who wants to ban MMA doesn't also want to ban football.

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