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WEC 34 live round-by-round results

Live results of WEC 34: Faber versus Pulver from the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California.

WEC 34 Review: Faber, Torres retain titles

Lightweights: Kenneth Alexander vs. "Razor" Rob McCullough

R1: They circle for the first fourty-five seconds. Alexander misses right punches. Alexander fakes a punch and shoots, but McCullough ends up putting Alexander down. They get back kup. Alexander connects on a body kick. Alexander sneaks in a jab. Alexander shoots and McCulloguh quickly sprawls. McCullough lands two leg kicks. Alexander's high kick is blocked. McCullough lands more leg kicks. Alexander clinches and McCullough pushes off. McCullough thows a kick and Alexander shoots. McCullough spawls. McCullough throws a knee. Alexander avoids it by trying the takedown again but McCullough stuffs it.

R2: Alexander clinches with McCullough and finally takes him down. McCullough gets back up. Alexander shoots unsuccessfully. Alexander throws a high kick. McCullough misses kick. Alexander tries a combo, but McCullough responds with a leg kick. McCullough connects on more leg kicks. Alexander misses a legkick. Alexander tries jabs, while McCullough continues with leg kicks. Alexander avoids a knee and puts McCullough down, but McCullough stands back up. Alexander takes McCullough down into halfguard with a littleover ten seconds left.

R3: McCullough lands a leg kick. Alexander's knee is missed. McCullough misses a right but lands the leg kick. Alexander shoots but McCullough defends it. McCullough are in clinch. Alexander throws knees. McCullough answers but it's low. Alexander grimaces in pain. The fight is paused briefly. Alexander shoots and they end up in the clinch. They separate. McCullough with a leg kick. McCullough throws a knee that is blocked. Alexander shoots and McCullough sprawls. Alexander gets a trip takedown. McCullough stands back up and pushes Alexander off. They miss wildly with seconds left.

30-27 for Cullough, 29-28 for Alexander, and 30-27 McCullough.

McCullough wins via split decision

Light-heavyweights: Chuck Grisby vs. Mark Munoz

R1: Grisby jabs. Munoz tries a shoot that Grisby knows to avoid. Munoz tries again and Grisby sprawls. Munoz misses a kick. Grisby connects on an uppercut. Grisby throws left-rights that are blocked. Munoz shoots and Grisby sprawls. Munoz holds on to a leg and finishes the takedown. Grisby almost gets an armbar attempt but Munoz stands up. Munoz with a hard punch and passes. Grisby attempts a kimura in halfguard. Munoz advances to side control. Munoz goes for the ground and pound. Munoz stands up, throws Grisby's leg away, and lands an overhard. Munoz goes for it again. Grisby looks for a leglock but leaves himself open to Munoz's right hands. Grisby is finished.

Munoz wins via TKO - R1 (4:15)

Bantamweights: Miguel Torres (Champion) vs. Yoshiro Maeda

R1: Torres kicks and slips. Maeda stays away from Torres guard. Torres gets up and moves in with strikes. Torres has Maeda's arm for an armbar or a omoplata. Torres is cut. Maeda pulls his arm out and connects on leg kicks. Torres gets up, and continues to work on various kicks. Maeda tries a two-punch combo and a kick, which gets caught. Torres pulls guard. Torres tries a kneebar but Maeda escapes. Maeda swings with a minute left in the round. They briefly clinch and Torres hits knees.

R2: Torres with kicks. Maeda catches a leg, takes Torres down, and quickly lands legkicks. Torres dares Maeda to enter his guard. Torres throws an upkick, which connects and Maeda shows him respect. Torres tries a combo, gets in clinch and lands knees and uppercuts. Maeda reverses and throws his own combination of punches. Maeda takes Torres' foot for a toehold. Torres does the same. They both give up the hold and scramble. Maeda throws back elbows and briefly has control on the ground. Torres tries a triangle choke but misses Maeda's arm. They stand up. Torres gets a guillotine and they drop down. Maeda escapes but gets hit with elbows until the end of the round. One of the best rounds of MMA you'll see.

R3: Torres connects on a right. Torres continues to work on his punch combinations. Maeda's right eye is getting closed. Maeda gets on top of Torres and hits Torres with punches. Torres lands punches and kicks from guard. Maeda leaves Torres' guard. Torres lands a right. Maeda catches a kick. Torres continues to jab at Maeda's right eye. The round ends, but referee Herb Dean stops the fight because of Maeda's eye.

Torres wins via TKO - R3 (5:00)

Featherweights: Urijah Faber (Champion) vs. Jens Pulver

R1: They circle. Faber charges with a right hand. They battle in clinch. Pulver hits Faber in the body with knees. Faber continues to charge his right hand. Faber throws a high kick but slips. Pulver jumps in Faber's butterfly guard. Pulver stands up. Pulver gets poked in the eye, but quickly recovers. Faber keeps throwing the rights and they're getting through to Pulver. They clinch and each fighter lands a knee. Faber connects with a punch combo. Faber kicks at the body and Pulver grabs hold of Faber's back. They separate. Pulver scores on his set of punches

R2: Faber unintentionally kicks Pulver in the groin. Pulver takes a breather. Faber fires his right punch and then takes Pulver down. Pulver does a great job of preventing Faber for striking. Pulver stands up. Faber tries to put Pulver back down but Pulver defends it. Faber hits a right and a left knocks Pulver down. Faber ties to finish. Pulver gets back up. Faber unleashes punches. Pulver fights back with his cross and then a clean uppercut. Faber tries the takedown. Pulver defends it but Faber works for Pulver's back. Faber hits some hard shots. Pulver answers. Faber with a knee and elbows in clinch.

R3: Pulver throws a head kick that is blocked. Faber glances a body kick. Faber shoots for the double and Pulver sprawls. But Faber takes Pulver's back and dumps him. Pulver gets back. Faber times the right. Faber hits a left uppercut. Faber connects an overhand right. Pulver hits a body kick. Faber looks hurt but responds with two consecutive kicks. Faber shoots but Pulver defends and reverses into Faber's half guard. Faber get himself into Pulver's guard. Faber lands an elbow. And another elbow before the fight is stood up. Faber kicks to the body. Pulver kicks to he head and chasing Faber with punches. Faber continues with left hooks.

R4: Faber misses a punch to the body. Pulver with right hooks. Faber shoots but Pulver backs off. Pulver stuns Faber with punches. Faber hits with his straight rights. Faber lands left hooks to Pulver's hurt eye. Faber scores the takedown with 2:16 left. Pulver holds Faber down while Faber sneaks in elbows. Pulver continues to tie Faber down until the end of the round. They will end round five with Faber winning all four rounds.

R5: Faber charges in for a takedown but Pulver avoids it. Faber hits Pulver with the lead right. Faber continues with his body kicks and left hooks. Faber quickly grabs hold of Pulver's neck and fires a knee. Faber ties up with Pulver and ends up on top of Pulver to ride out the round for the victory.

50-45, and two 50-54s in favor of Faber.

Faber wins via unanimous decision

Undercard Results:

Dominic Cruz def. Charlie Valencia via unanimous decision

Jose Aldo def. Alexandre Franca Nogueira via TKO (strikes) - R2 (3:22)

Alex Serdyukov def. Luis Sapo via TKO - R1 (5:00)

Tim McKenzie def. Jeremy Lang via submission (guillotine choke) - R3 (0:40)

Will Ribeiro def. Chase Beebe via split decision

Mike Brown def. Jeff Curran via unanimous decision

Donald Cerrone def. Danny Castillo via submission (armbar) - R1 (0:30)

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