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Report: EliteXC on CBS 'Handily Beat the NHL Playoffs' Among Viewers Age 18-49

Although we don't yet know the full ratings for the first-ever prime time mixed martial arts show on network television, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that some preliminary data is in, and it's good news for EliteXC and CBS:
The half-hours in the 18-49 demo were 1.4, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.4. The first hour was nothing impressive but the second hour was the highest rated in the demo on television for any show. The level of growth was spectacular. This is only from 9-11 p.m. so we don't know how the last 50 minutes did but at least in the demo it handily beat the NHL playoffs.
The 18-49 demographic is the one most coveted by advertisers, so in measuring whether this event was a success or failure for CBS, the 18-49 demographic matters more than the total audience. Presumably, if that demographic steadily grew through the first two hours of the show, it would have continued to grow for the Kimbo Slice-James Thompson main event, which means that assuming Meltzer's numbers are right, EliteXC and CBS can legitimately claim that their show was a success.

The problem, though, is that just because the first showing was a success, that doesn't mean future shows will be. Now that the novelty has worn off, will viewers return for another show?

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