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Gus Johnson Solidifies Reputation by Questioning Stoppage of Kimbo Slice Fight

Although I have mixed feelings about the overall quality of the mixed martial arts show that EliteXC and CBS put on Saturday night, I am glad that the reputation of Gus Johnson as one of America's best sports broadcasters emerged unscathed. Here's how Johnson called the end of the Kimbo Slice-James Thompson fight:

Johnson showed his trademark enthusiasm for the event, but when referee Dan Miragliotta stepped in and stopped the fight, awarding the bout to Slice, Johnson shouted "Terrible stoppage! Terrible! Terrible! ... James Thompson was not ready to go down! Horrendous!"

Then Johnson stepped into the cage with Slice for the post-fight interview and noted twice that the stoppage was "controversial." There were concerns that CBS would sugarcoat its coverage of EliteXC, but Johnson didn't let that happen.

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