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Are You Ready for Some MMA? Hard-Core Fans Will Prefer WEC to EliteXC

It's been fascinating to watch the reaction to Saturday night's EliteXC show on CBS because it's been basically the opposite of what people expected: Most of the criticism of EliteXC that I've seen and heard hasn't come from the casual fans who were exposed to the sport of mixed martial arts for the first time, but from the hard-core fans who think EliteXC didn't represent the sport well.

Tonight there's another MMA card on TV, and it's pretty much a given that those hard-core fans will come away impressed. The card includes two WEC title fights, with featherweight champ Urijah Faber taking on Jens Pulver, and bantamweight champ Miguel Torres taking on Yoshiro Maeda. In both cases, it's one of the 10 best pound-for-pound fighters in the world taking on a legitimate opponent.

Although the Versus television network doesn't reach anywhere near as many viewers as CBS, WEC is going to put on a better display of MMA skill than EliteXC had. The show starts in just half an hour, and it will be a good one.

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