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Robbie Lawler-Scott Smith Is a No-Contest, Best Fight of Night Ends Too Early

Notes from FanHouse in Newark.

This hasn't been the best of nights for Elite XC. They finally got a match worthy of their network slot between middleweights Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith and then, deep into the third round, they have it pulled out from under them.

Doctors called for the match to be stopped when Smith suffered a thumb to the eye and declared a no contest. Smith looked raring to go and, as much as fighters should be protected, it seemed like a pretty quick call that was meant with great displeasure from the crowd. As I type, in fact, I can't hear Gus Johnson's interview just booing and calls for refunds from the crowd.

It's funny because the crowd spent most of the match booing Lawler and Smith whenever they took a break from the action. Lawler was winning the bout but it was close and the final 10+ minutes could have taken it to another level. It's really a shame for Elite XC and these fighters because this should have been a big leap forward for the two best fighters, if not the most famous, on tonight's bill.

UPDATE: Was just handed the official scorecard and two judges had it even and the third had Lawler up 20-18. Had the round ended before the stoppage it would have gone to the cards, which would have been interesting to see.

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