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James Thompson, Kimbo Slice's Opponent, Has Two Quality Wins in His Career

James Thompson is the other guy fighting in tonight's EliteXC main event. All of the attention is on Kimbo Slice, but Thompson is the best opponent Slice has fought, which isn't saying much.

So what kind of career has Thompson had? His career record is 14-8, and of those 14 wins, only two have come against guys who won more than half their career fights. Here are the highlights from one of those two, when Thompson defeated Don Frye last year:

Frye has a career record of 19-6-1, so beating him by first-round TKO is a solid accomplishment. Thompson's other win against a guy who has won more than half his fights came in 2004, when he beat Dan Severn by unanimous decision. Severn has a career record of 85-15-7. Only a handful of those 85 wins came against good fighters, but still, give Thompson credit for beating Severn.

But don't give Thompson too much credit. His other wins come against guys with woeful career records, including two guys with career records of 0-1. The bottom line is that beating Thompson wouldn't be a huge accomplishment for Slice, but losing to him would be a huge embarrassment.

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