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Former Steeler Carlton Haselrig Fighting at Elite XC's Newark Card Tonight

Notes from FanHouse in Newark.

I just arrived at the Prudential Center in Newark for Elite XC's inaugural CBS show and found the answer to a NFL Where Are They Now question. Carlton Haselrig, former Steeler Pro Bowl guard, is fighting on the untelevised undercard preceding the live show this evening. He'll fight Carlton Moreno, a New Jersey fighter with a 5-2 record.

Haselrig has one MMA fight on his record already, a victory over Shane Ott in April. He was a six time NCAA champion Greco-Roman wrestler and made an impressive transition to the NFL until substance abuse problems ran him out of the league in 1995. That culminated in a 1997 arrest in Pennsylvania for riding his motorcycle under the influence while wearing his helmet backward.

I'll have an update on Haselrig's fight and the rest of the undercard a little bit later. For now, I'll tell you the arena is a little less than half-full a good 90 minutes before the shank of the evening's entertainment is upon us. The undercard is filled with local fighters and you can definitely hear friends and family pulling for their guys.

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