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First Hour of CBS EliteXC Show Contains Two Minutes of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts on network television is not getting off to a good start.

We're an hour into the EliteXC show on CBS that was supposed to bring MMA to the masses, and the show has been ridiculously short on MMA. As in, two minutes of fighting and 58 minutes of boring stuff.

The show started at 9 p.m. Eastern, but the first fight didn't start until 9:26. CBS did some silly stuff to hype the fights, and analyst Frank Shamrock gave an explanation of the rules that went on way too long. It would have been better just to start the fights and let the new fans learn the rules as they watched.

And then when the first two fighters finally stepped into the cage, the fight lasted all of one minute, as Brett Rogers knocked out Jon Murphy quickly. Then it was another 20 minutes before the second fight started, and again, the whole thing only took a minute before Joey Villasenor knocked out Phil Baroni.

For viewers at home, this is a bad start to MMA on network TV. We'd better get three great fights in the second hour.

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