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Elite XC on CBS: 40 Minutes of Show, One Minute of Go

Notes from FanHouse in Newark.

Well, at least Busta Rhymes did a nice job. The first match of the night from Elite XC on CBS was over almost before it began. Brett "The Grim" Rogers knocked Jon Murphy down 61 seconds into their match with an overwhelming strike to the head. The referee wisely stopped the fight at that point.

Rogers is now 7-0 and has the look of a guy that Elite XC is grooming for further success. Added to the rapping styles of Rhymes is the Big Black Security Team. Several large men in bright red t-shirts, some wearing oversize novelty sunglasses throwing hats to the crowd. I'd imagine we'll see more of Rogers in the future.

The length of the fight can't thrill CBS, however. The lulls in the action aren't doing great things for the crowd's energy level and I wonder how much filler they have to show to a TV audience tuned in for better fights than the one that just finished. We're 40 minutes into the televised program and we've had one minute of fighting. They need to do better than that.

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