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Elite XC Newark Undercard Results

Notes from FanHouse in Newark.

I'm not sure if CBS is planning on using any of the undercard bouts are filler during the live broadcast starting at 9 P.M. so I'll put all the results after the jump. I will say, however, that if they do tell you they're about to throw it to one of those matches, at any point, it's a good time to go grab another beer, visit the bathroom or stare at paint drying. With the exclusion of the Matt Makowski-Nick Serra matchup, the effect would be about the same.

The night began with Joe Sampieri getting a TKO via strikes over Mike Groves. Both men were winless entering the contest.

Zach Makovsky won a unanimous decision over Andre Soares.

James "Binky" Jones got Calvin Kattar to submit via a rear naked choke in the first round.

Wilson Reis used the same move to force a tap out from Justin Robbins.

Serra retired during the second round of his matchup with Makowski, showing little of his brother's talents in the process. Makowski, whose overwrought ring entrance included spiked football shoulder pads, was fairy impressive.

Ex-NFLer Carlton Haselrig fought a very out of shape Carlos Moreno and Moreno couldn't answer the bell for the second round. Haselrig's wrestling skills are intriguing but he also looked a bit sluggish and it would have been nice to see him a decade ago.

Chris Ligouri stopped Jim Bova in the second round because of cuts.

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