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And We're Off: MMA Begins Its Network Television Life

Notes from FanHouse in Newark.

I mentioned in an earlier post that there were a bunch of empty seats on all sides of the cage for tonight's event. Well, that must have bothered someone at CBS or Elite XC, or both presumably, because ring announcer Jimmy Lennon invited fans to move down from the upper deck to enjoy better seats.

It made a huge difference visually as the CBS broadcast got underway but while Gus Johnson and company did their intros there was a deadening effect in the arena that scores of dancing girls (sadly not dancing girls from Scores) didn't do much to alleviate.

Other observations from cageside, they handed out Kick Ass Kimbo signs to just about every fan in the house, lest you think Elite XC is a disinterested observer in who wins tonight's main event. And I watched Johnson get lipstick applied while being razzed about it from the faithful seated at ringside.

Jon Murphy and Brett Rogers are about to kick off the fighting portion of the TV broadcast, I'll be back in a bit.

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