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WEC: Miguel Torres Ready for a Test Against Yoshiro Maeda

Of all the mixed martial arts fights coming up this weekend, the one that may turn out to be the best is Sunday night's WEC bantamweight title fight between Miguel Torres and Yoshiro Maeda. Here's Torres talking about the fight:

Torres talks about his background with David A Avila of NBC Sports:
"When I first started there were no rules, little instruction and no weight limits," says Torres of his first experiences in the still-new fighting sport. "The fights were kind of shady and done in bars and nightclubs. There were a lot of wild biker guys, gang-bangers, people like that who would go all the time. I've seen a lot in my time. It's an honor to still be here."
Torres is one of the top 10 pound-for-pound fighters in the world, and at 5-foot-10 and 135 pounds he's brilliant at using the enormous reach advantage he owns against just about every other fighter in his weight class. Maeda is a good fighter, but Torres is a great one, and it's great that he'll reach his largest audience yet Sunday night.

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