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Mark Hughes to sign exclusive contract with the UFC

Mark Hughes, the twin brother of former UFC welterweight champion Matt, will sign an exclusive contract with the UFC.

"[Mark] is going to sign a contract with the UFC to fight for them and nobody else," Matt revealed Thursday in a media call. "And that will be right here coming up. So, that's all I can really tell you. That's all I can comment on. There's no fight scheduled."

Mark, a middleweight, holds a professional MMA record of 6-2 and has already competed for the UFC once. In November 2000 at UFC 28 "High Stakes," Mark won a decision over PRIDE veteran Alex Steibling. However, Mark has been inactive from competition since August 2003.

When Mark signs, and the two brothers are under contract together, it would make sense that the two would appear on the same card. Despite that previously not getting the green light, Matt would like to revisit that idea.

"We tried that in the past with the old owner and they just didn't -- never went for it. But that's been six, seven years ago probably. So, we'll just see what comes out of it If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. And hopefully, if it does, it will be in the Midwest somewhere."

Matt Hughes headlines UFC 85: Bedlam against Thiago Alves on June 7 at the O2 Arena in London, England.