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Baroni to Villasenor: 'You'll get hurt real bad'

EliteXC Middleweight Champion Robbie Lawler will be putting his title on the line Saturday night when he takes on Scott Smith. When the smoke clears from that one, it looks as if the winner of Phil "New York Bad Ass" Baroni and 'Smokin' Joe Villasenor, both of whom are fighting on the same night, may get a shot at the winner.

"I'll be watching that fight (Lawler-vs. Smith) after I put Smokin' Joe Villase?or on ice," says Baroni, a man never at a loss for words. Of course, Baroni does have some statistics to back up his verbal sparring. Of his 10 career victories, nine have come by way of stoppage and seven by (T)KO. Everyone knows that the New York Bad Ass has ridiculous power and hits like a truck, something that is not lost on his soon to be adversary.

"I respect Baroni. I respect the power," says Villasenor. But when it comes to Baroni's indication that he'll be putting him on ice, Villasenor thinks that the proof's in the pudding.

"That's a good one. He's going to ice me. I don't care what Baroni says. We know him. He said he's going to do this and that all the time. But he's got to come through. I didn't say I'm going to do this or that. I'm going go out there and perform my best and we'll see what happens in the end."

Still, Baroni appears more than confident. You are going to get knocked out, kid. Your best isn't going to be big enough. The bottom line is this is my coming home party, and you're the victim."

By 'coming home party' Baroni means that the fight will be happening in New Jersey, near his New York stomping grounds. Of course, Villasenor has other ideas regarding the party.

"Your coming out party, Phil? You've been out for a while. You've been exposed for a while. I'll just have to show everybody on national television and expose you, expose you at home, expose you in front of everybody. I'm excited to get the opportunity."

"I ain't talking trash. I'm stating the facts, dude," says Baroni. "I'm going to smash you and you'll get hurt real bad."

Baroni is hoping for a stand up brawl. Along with this, when asked about how good his ground game was, the New York Bad Ass had the following to say.

"It f***ing blows, and [this fight against Villasenor] is not going to the ground. Who cares about the ground game?"

For once during the press conference, Villasenor agreed with Baroni. "I think Baroni is right. His ground game does suck." Then he furthered his point by noting the following: "I'm sure that's what he wants, for us to bang it out where he has an opportunity win. I hope he doesn't go down from shock because I'll have to have to choke him out like Shamrock did."

"Villasenor can't wrestle and he can't take me down," said Baroni. "So it's not going to the ground? It is going to be two guys in there and throwing down for another exciting fight. Villase?or is not going to leave until he's carried out on a stretcher. My ground game doesn't make a difference. Who cares about a ground game anyway? Nobody wants to watch that s**t."

Anything else to say? Not really. One thing's for certain: Phil Baroni knows how to generate discussion. This is going to be one interesting fight.

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