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Michael Jackson Likes UFC, Hates Being Seen

After attending UFC 84, I noted that there were several celebrities at Octagonside, and that UFC shows were starting to be viewed as a good place to be seen.

But what if you're a celebrity who wants to watch the fights but doesn't like to be seen? In that case, you put a sheet over your face and enjoy the show.

According to TMZ, that's what Michael Jackson did on Saturday night:
MJ rolled up to the event in a wheelchair, just in time to watch Tito Ortiz get smacked around ... that is, if he could see anything through those ridiculously blacked out shades.
Yep, that's Jacko above. I hope he enjoyed the show as much as I did.

The guy in front of Jacko, by the way, is AOL Sports General Manager Derrick Heggans. And no, they didn't go to the event together.

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