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BJ Penn earns $250,000 for UFC 84 win

BJ Penn's successful defense of his UFC lightweight title on Saturday netted him nearly a quarter of the entire fighter payroll at UFC 84: Ill Will.

According to the numbers released today by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the Hilo native pocketed a guaranteed $125,000 for showing up and an additional $125,000 for winning the fight. The entire payroll for the twenty-two fighters at UFC 84 totaled $1,098,000.

Please note that these numbers provided by the Commission are the salaries reported by the UFC and do not include sponsorships and other bonuses.

Each winner except for Wanderlei Silva received a win bonus equivalent to their guaranteed pay.

(W) BJ Penn - $250,000
(L) Sean Sherk - $35,000

(W) Wanderlei Silva - $150,000
(L) Keith Jardine - $10,000

(W) Goran Reljic - $6,000
(L) Wilson Gouveia - $18,000

(W) Lyoto Machida - $100,000
(L) Tito Ortiz - 210,000

(W) Thiago Silva - $50,000
(L) Antonio Mendes - $4,000

(W) Rousimar Palhares - $10,000
(L) Ivan Salaverry - $20,000

(W) Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou - $80,000
(L) Kazuhiro Nakamura - $20,000

(W) Rich Clementi - $40,000
(L) Terry Etim - $10,000

(W) Yoshiyuki Yoshida - $12,000
(L) Jon Koppenhaver - $8,000

(W) Dong Hyun Kim - $40,000
(L) Jason Tan - $3000

(W) Shane Carwin - $12,000
(L) Christian Wellisch - $10,000

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