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UFC President Dana White Rips Reporter Who Called Him 'The White Don King'

Last week, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Ed Graney wrote a column about UFC President Dana White. The column appeared under the headline, UFC head White: 'The white Don King'.

White was not amused.

In a radio interview with Steve Cofield, White insisted that he's nothing at all like Don King, the boxing promoter who has served prison time for killing someone and frequently been accused of financial improprieties.

"This moron, not only did he not compare me and Don King, because he couldn't, but he didn't even interview me," White said of Graney. "This guy's probably never even seen a fight in his life."

When told that Graney writes opinion pieces, White said, "well, his opinion sucks."

Although Graney presumably didn't write the headline that appeared over his column (newspaper columnists rarely do), White is basically correct that it's dumb to compare him to King. Almost everyone who follows mixed martial arts would agree that White has been good for the sport, and almost everyone who follows boxing would agree that King has been bad for the sport. They're not much alike.

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