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CBS, EliteXC Tell Kimbo Slice He Can't Advertise Reality Kings Porn Site

Kimbo Slice has an endorsement contract with the pornographic web site Reality Kings. But while fighters usually get to decide for themselves which corporate sponsors' logos they wear into the cage, Slice has been told that he can't advertise Reality Kings on the EliteXC show on CBS Saturday night.

Via Five Ounces of Pain comes the word from EliteXC President Gary Shaw, who said, "Reality Kings will not be on his clothing. ...We understand what's socially responsible, and CBS has a very high standard for standards and practices. And every logo we put on or whatever we do goes through CBS in their standards and practices."

That's definitely the right call, as Saturday night's show should be all about trying to attract people to mixed martial arts, not to reinforce the negative stereotypes that surround the sport. All the fighters on the CBS card will make a significant chunk of money from the ability to wear sponsors' logos on their clothing, and it's perfectly fair for EliteXC to tell the fighters that certain sponsors are out of bounds.

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