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UFC Could Host Outdoor Hawaii Show in 2009

Notes on a trip to Las Vegas.

After Hawaii's own B.J. Penn retained his lightweight title before a partisan crowd at UFC 84, UFC President Dana White indicated that it might not be long before Penn gets to fight in front of a crowd that would cheer him on even more enthusiastically.

White said in the post-event press conference that he hopes to arrange a show in Hawaii, some time in 2009, and to make it UFC's first foray into an outdoor stadium. The only issue is whether he can get the state to sanction the show; UFC doesn't host shows in states that don't regulate mixed martial arts.

"When we do an outdoor big stadium, it'll definitely be in Hawaii," White said.

Obviously, the headliner for such a show would have to be Penn, who, like Georges St.-Pierre in Montreal, would guarantee that the stadium would sell out easily and that the place would be rocking. This is a show that needs to happen.

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