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UFC 84: Ill Will live round-by-round results

Live round-by-round results of UFC 84: Ill Will from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC 84 Review

1. Shane Carwin def. Christian Wellisch via KO - R1 (0:44)
2. Dong-Hyun Kim def. Jason Tan via TKO (strikes) - R3 (0:25)
3. Yoshiyuki Yoshida def. Jon Koppenhaver via sub (anaconda choke) - R1 (0:56)
4. Rich Clementi def. Terry Etim via unanimous decision
5. Rameau Sokoudjou def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via TKO (stoppage) - R1 (5:00)
6. Rousimar Palhares def. Ivan Salaverry via submission (armbar) - R1 (2:36)
7. Thiago Silva def. Antonio Mendes via sub (strikes) - R1 (2:24)
8. Lyoto Machida def. Tito Ortiz via unanimous decision
9. Goran Reljic def. Wilson Gouveia via TKO (strikes) - R2 (3:15)
10. Wanderlei Silva def. Keith Jardine via KO - R1 (0:36)
11. B.J. Penn def. Sean Sherk via TKO (stoppage) - R3 (5:00)


Light-heavyweights: Antonio Mendes (203) vs. Thiago Silva (205)

R1: Mendes throws a high kick that is blocked but the kick is strong enough that it puts Silva to the floor. They scramble back up. Mendes catches a kick by Silva and takes him down. Back up, they clinch against the cage. Mendes tries a hip toss but slips and gives up position. Silva advances to full mount with 3:15 left. Silva throws punches until Mendes taps out.

Silva wins via submission - R1 (2:24)

Light-heavyweights: Tito Ortiz (205) vs. Lyoto Machida (203)

R1: Machida lands a legkick. They feel each other out with missed kicks. Oritz shoots at 3:53 left but backs off. Ortiz gets close and throws a knee and is pushed off. Machida connects on a legkick. Ortiz misses a right punch. Ortiz misses a high kick. Ortiz gets close and he's pushed off again. Machida throws a switch kick that is blocked. Machida connects on his next two kicks. Machida takes Ortiz down and pounds away until the end of the round.

R2: Ortiz tries a takedown but Machida steps back and lands a kick. Ortiz shoots with 1:20 left but Machida sprawls. Ortiz pulls guard. They get back up with 52 seconds left. Machida connects with a knee. Ortiz is frustrated with Machida's evasiveness. Machida throws a punch combo, Ortiz retaliates but Machida backpeddles. Ortiz lands a kick to the body to close the round.

R3: Machida continues his strategy to evade and land leg kicks. Ortiz presses forward and clinches. Ortiz throws punches to the body. Machida lands another legkick and Ortiz answers. They quickly clinch and Ortiz throws a knee. Ortiz clinches again and punches Machida. Ortiz works hard for a double leg but Machida won't go down. They get back into the clinch with Ortiz's back against the cage. The referee separate them with 1:43 left in this three-round fight. Machida lands a knee to Ortiz's body. Ortiz is hurt. Machida ground and pounds from Ortiz's full guard. In a last ditch effort, Ortiz pulls out a triangle/armbar, that's close but Machida escapes.

Machida wins via unanimous decision

Light-heavyweights: Wilson Gouveia (205) vs. Goran Reljic (205)

R1: Gouveia lands an inside leg kick. Reljic misses a spin kick. Gouveia lands another leg kick. Reljic misses a punch. Reljic throws a heavy high kick that is blocked. Reljic throws a kick to the body, to the head and finally to the shoulder. They exchange punches that mostly miss. Reljic goes back to the kicks. Gouveia fights back and connects with punches. Gouveia throws a kick and Gouveia counters with a kick of his own. Reljic kicks high twice but Gouveia blocks. Gouveia presses forward with punches. To avoid the onslaught, Reljic pulls guard with 45 seconds left in the first.

R2: They feel each other out for the first minute. Reljic throws another high kick that is blocked. Reljic throws more kicks but falls. Reljic throws elbows and punches from Reljic's guard. Reljic pushes Gouveia off and gets back to his feet. Reljic drops Gouveia with a left. Reljic ground and pounds. Gouveia doesn't do much to protect himself and referee Herb Dean stops the fight.

Reljic wins via TKO - R2 (3:15)

Light-heavyweights: Wanderlei Silva (205) vs. Keith Jardine (205)

R1: Silva overwhelms Jardine with punches. Silva drops Jardine with a right, left, right punch combo. Jardine goes down. Silva gains full mount and knocks Jardine unconscious with rights. Silva is back to his old form.

Silva wins via KO - R1 (0:36)

Lightweights: B.J. Penn (155) vs. Sean Sherk (155)

R1: Sherk immediately grabs a leg. Penn throws punches and stops the takedown. Penn jabs while Sherk tries to put combos together. Sherk connects and Penn responds with a right. They clinch and each fighter lands a shot before separating. Sherk lands jabs. Each time they get close, Penn throws a knee. Sherk has a small cut under his right eye. Penn continues to land his jabs. Penn connects with a right. Outside of the initial takedown attempt and the brief knees from clinch, the first round was essentially a boxing match.

R2: Sherk continues to work the jabs and begins to attack Penn's legs. Sherk moves in with a flurry. Penn calmly avoids the punches. Penn lands his jabs. Sherk enters with another combo that Penn avoids. Penn continues to sneak in jabs. Penn tries a knee that Sherk catches, but can't finish the takedown.

R3: They continue to box with each fighter trying to out-jab the other. Penn shoots at the 3:23 mark, but Sherk escapes. Sherk lands several legkicks but it's still Penn winning the standup game. Sherk appears to have injured his right hand. Sherk is mostly jabbing with his left and throwing leg kicks. Penn moves in with a punch combo that causes Sherk to back against the cage. Penn throws a flying knee that knocks Sherk down. Penn continues with right punches and then hammerfists until bell sounds.

Penn says its over. And it is over. The referee stops the fight. Sherk is unable to continue and Penn holds onto his UFC lightweight belt.

Penn asks the crowd if they want to see him fight Georges St. Pierre and the crowd cheers for him.

Penn wins via TKO - R3 (5:00)

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