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UFC Gets Undercards Right

Notes on a trip to Las Vegas.

Have you ever watched a boxing undercard fight and wondered why most of the seats are empty and the few that aren't are occupied by people talking on their cell phones? Yeah, you won't ever wonder that with UFC.

I'm at the MGM Grand Arena, a few minutes before the televised portion of the undercard and a few hours before the main event, and the place is already packed. The fans are loud, enthusiastic and seem to have opinions even about fighters who aren't very well known.

The energy in this arena during the undercard is incredible. The crowds at boxing undercards – even featuring very good fighters – often have all the energy of a high school cross country meet. Even when the fans are booing (as they did, loudly, during much of the Rich Clementi-Terry Etim fight), they seem like they're enjoying themselves. Boxing promoters need to find a way to match the excitement of UFC undercards.

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