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At UFC 84 Weigh-In, Did Kazuhiro Nakamura's Hat Defy Gravity?

Notes on a trip to Las Vegas.

The funniest part of the UFC 84 weigh-in came when light heavyweight Kazuhiro Nakamura showed up wearing traditional Japanese garb, including a large straw hat that he kept on, at first, when he stepped on the scale:

Video link

Announcer Joe Rogan said when Nakamura first stepped on the scale, "205.5 with the Easter basket." Nakamura then took off the hat, and Rogan announced his weight as 206.

A lot of UFC fans, including some in this Sherdog thread, are wondering how it's possible that Nakamura gained half a pound by taking his straw hat off. Either the hat defies gravity, or Rogan didn't announce the correct weight with the hat on.

In any event, Nakamura was known during his days fighting in Pride for playing to the crowd with his entrances and his outfits. It's nice to see that he hasn't stopped in UFC.

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