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At UFC 84, a Pass Out but Not a Tap Out

Notes on a trip to Las Vegas.

Note: People planning to watch UFC 84 who don't want to know the results of the pre-taped undercard might want to skip this post.

There was an unusual finish to one of the non-televised undercard fights today at UFC 84, when Jon Koppenhaver passed out -- but never tapped out -- while Yoshiyuki Yoshida had him in an anaconda choke. Referee Herb Dean pulled the fighters apart and declared Yoshida the winner, even though Koppenhaver hadn't submitted.

It was a great effort by Yoshida in winning the fight, but also an incredible display of grit and determination by Koppenhaver for refusing to quit. And it was the right call by Dean, keeping a close eye on Koppenhaver and stopping the fight as soon as Koppenhaver couldn't go anymore. It's not clear whether this will go down, officially, as a win by submission for Yoshida or as a TKO.

The doctor immediately stepped into the ring after Dean stopped the fight, and Koppenhaver was on his feet and looking fine within about a minute. Although it looks scary to see a guy get choked out, getting choked out is actually nowhere near as serious a health risk as getting knocked out.

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