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UFC 84 Weigh-In Live Blog

Tomorrow night's UFC 84 has been given the catchy title of Ill Will and it seems like an apt one. The main event features B.J. Penn and Sean Sherk in a battle for Penn's lightweight title and comes with a ton of backstory. Sherk was stripped of the title because of steroid use, Penn says he doesn't respect him because he used steroids and the animosity should lend an added layer to the fight.

On top of that, you've got Tito Ortiz fighting his last fight for UFC and blasting Dana White, UFC's president, on his way out the door. If Ortiz wins, it would be one hell of a post-fight speech and, should he lose, expect some gloating from White.

Before any of that, though, comes the weigh-in, which you can watch live after the jump along with our thoughts as they happen.

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