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UFC 84: In Tito Ortiz-Dana White Trash Talk, Lyoto Machida Is an Innocent Bystander

Notes on a trip to Las Vegas.

I would guess that in most cities on most days, Lyoto Machida can walk around without anyone recognizing him. But in Las Vegas, one day before he fights Tito Ortiz at UFC 84, Machida was being mobbed as he tried to get through the Studio Walk at the MGM Grand. Still, I was able to pull him (and his translator) away from the crowd for a quick interview:

Video Link.

Machida mostly maintained his innocent bystander position when I asked him about the fact that UFC President Dana White hates Ortiz and will be rooting passionately for Ortiz to go out a loser. Machida's not the type to engage in trash talk.

But he is the type to sign every last autograph and pose for every last picture, just a few hours before weigh-in for the biggest fight of his career.

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