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B.J. Penn Says Sean Sherk Perverted MMA by Using Steroids; Most UFC Fans Agree

Notes on a trip to Las Vegas.

I often hear that sports fans don't care about performance-enhancing drugs as much as the sports media do. But UFC fans seem to care: They ruthlessly booed former lightweight champion Sean Sherk as he weighed in for his first fight back at UFC 84 after a suspension resulting from a positive steroid test.:

Video Link.

Sherk was the only UFC fighter who got booed more than he was cheered, and he was also showered with a chant of "Steroids! Steroids!"

Sherk's opponent, lightweight champ B.J. Penn, has said that he hates Sherk because he doesn't like seeing the sport associated with performance-enhancing drugs. Suffice to say, UFC fans agree.

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